About Us

Here at Hitchman we are truly family owned and operated. There are two main fabricators who bring 30 years of experience to the
workplace with B level pressure ticketed welding. With trailers we build from raw materials, we know the wiring, the brake systems
axles, axle placements and payloads as well as other aspects of trailering.

We have added toolboxes, spare tires and boat racks. We also have experience with welding and fabricating. From the tow vehicle
end, we know tow bars, hitches 5th wheels, goosenecks, Trans coolers, front mount hitches, bike racks and wiring. We also carry
a line of many trailer parts, and if we don't have what you need we can find most things to meet your needs. We have ironworkers,
band saws, cut off saws, and a press for bending most steel parts.

As previously mentioned, we have 30 years experience and the ability to get the job done. At Hitchman Trailers when you pay for an
hours work, you get an hours work. Come try out our shop and you will be surprised that a shop like this still exists.



#204 - 20540 Duncan Way, Langley, BC V3A 7A3 • Phone: 604.534.5884 • Fax: 604.534.5857

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